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Use Roulette systems for football betting

Apply roulette systems to football betting

In all gambling games players try to find a system with which they can beat the bank. When it comes to football betting, the trick is to beat the bookmaker.
First you use your football knowledge and all the information you can get about a competition. But in the end it is also a gamble.


Variation of bets
The systems that are used in roulette assume that by varying on the bets you will ultimately have a small profit. Double doubling your bet on loss until you win is dangerous because you have to invest a lot to make a small profit. Yet there are systems that can help you with football betting. You can use the different systems purely on the basis of a quotation. Without looking at the game, you will probably get a profit with this system. But selecting correct competitions and taking all sorts of factors such as suspensions, out of home matches and form, combined with a system, makes you very likely to profit.

We are now going to look at a system at the races with a odds of 2.0 or a little higher.

Use the Tarsoj roulette system when betting on football. With this system you start with a bet of 1 unit. To make it easy we take € 1. For example, this euro is used at Netbet on a competition with a odds of 2.0 to 2.3. Do you have the result well then you have profit.

If you do not have a good result, an unit will be added for the next match. The bet is now € 2. Every time you lose, a unit is added to the bet. If you win, you deduct a unit from your bet. This way you catch negative series in betting and go back to your base bet in a good series. You do not double, but always put a unit more or less.

Please note that you make these types of bets with your selected matches with a odds of 2 or slightly higher and that this is a bet that gives you a lot of chance in advance.

Dozen system at equal games
The next system that you can apply to football betting is the dozen system. You use this system for all matches where you expect a draw. With the bookmakers, a bet on a draw is almost always higher than 3.0. If we use the schedule of the dozen system in football betting, you can increase your chances of winning considerably. With a budget of 250 units you can bet 12 times on a draw. Every time your bet comes out on a draw, you take the win and you start again with the bet of 1 unit. If the game does not end in a draw then you play the next bet from the following schedule.

Note that you only play in matches that you also expect to be a draw. It seems to us very strong that this combined with your football knowledge will go wrong more than 12 times in a row.

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