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Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is a comprehensive concept designed by gambling operators to compromise

several policies, which when applied, helps to ensure their services upholds the quality standard to promote a fair and safe gaming experience that protects gamblers from adverse consequences attached to gambling. Gambling should be seen more like a sport filled with fun and not a desperate means of generating income. Thereby ensuring the majority is aware of the risk in gambling and sees gambling as a recreation, whereby they only invest what they can afford to risk.

Recently, most of the gaming codes now require gambling stakeholders to ensure gambling services are offered responsibly. All gambling stakeholders; software suppliers and online operators that run an online gambling platform are expected to comply with the policy of responsible gambling. It is important for online operators to work hand in hand with the software suppliers, to be able to work out the technical and legislative demands of responsible gambling.

As earlier stated, responsible gambling is a broad concept, that covers several areas in the
gambling world. Areas like; Prevention of indiscriminate gambling/underage gambling, Creating
strong information privacy, Creating a secure online environment, Protection of vulnerable
gamblers, Protection against fraudulent or criminal activities, Quality online payment protection,
and Ethical and responsible marketing.


Stakeholders are directly responsible for the activities and services they offer and must make sure the principles guiding responsible gambling is respected and well understood by all parties concerned, ranging from the regulators to platform providers, and the game players. However, every platform suppliers must ensure software products are laid in a management system that enables gamblers a fair and safe gaming experience. In most cases, platform providers do not have direct contact with the gamblers, but they are placed under judiciary and moral requirements to make sure they give online operators all the tools needed to ensure responsible gambling principles is obeyed. This is achieved by;

• Controlling underage betting issues by checking users age.
• Controlling addiction and effecting betting limits to check the betting activities of users.
• Ensuring data privacy and effecting security to protect users from criminal activities.
• Providing a safe gambling environment that will foster a fair and safe gambling experience for users.

Barts tips for players to play responsible

We highlight a set of recommendations for you which if followed appropriately will ensure you a friendly, fair and safe gambling experience;

• Gamblers should see gambling as a recreational sport and not an easy means of desperately making money.
• Gamblers should always take calculated risks – players should not bet more than they can afford to lose. Gamblers should ensure their stakeholder’s website allows them to set a limit of bets they can place at every period, to be able to keep them in check.
• Examine and check the time spent you spend on the online medium. If you spend a few hoursonline, kindly think about taking a break.
• Always evaluate your online wins and losses to keep you in check. If more losses persist than
wins, sit yourself down to decide if gambling is suitable for you.
• If you have problems with online gambling, be advised to contact the support team.

For help, support and advice about problem gambling please contact your National Gambling Helpline.

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