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Live Online Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game that has an online version at different casino portals. It is a classic game that finds favor among gambling enthusiasts, naïve or experienced. It is called the game of chance and is enticing, both at land-based destinations as well as at online portals. The popularity of the game depends on its dynamics, it is a fast-paced game; though there are different variants most of them have rules that are easy to learn; as a result, it is easy to explore one’s chances of wins at the different variants of roulette online.

Live roulette
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History of the Game

It is said that the first version was found in France in the 18th century. Historians often attribute the founding of the roulette wheel to Blaise Pascal who introduced it in the form of a motion machine of the perpetual kind. There are others who assert that the roulette wheel is founded on the gaming wheel that was founded in 1720, at the same time when Birbi, the Italian game was found.

If you wish to try your hand at this game you can do so in the comfort of your home; there are several portals where one can simply click on the game link to activate digital format of the game; there are live sessions as well where one can play opposite a dealer. Such sessions are interactive, often played between one or more players who are logged into the virtual session at the same time. Most of the gambling software companies are known to offer unique roulette software. These have common features like sleek designs, easy to run, mostly on instant play mode or offline download format. Most are coupled with a user-friendly interface which allows anyone to find instructions if they are new to the game or start a new round if they are ready to wager on the game with money.

The online casinos nowadays have a mobile-friendly format; that allows users to find their favorite games on smaller screens as well. Hence, one can start a roulette round at their favorite casino portal, simply by logging in through their smartphone or tablet. With secure financial transactions made possible on mobile casinos, it is easy to play several rounds of a roulette game on your phone and enjoy wins in total since payout percentages are high in this game category.

Popular Variants

There have been several variants introduced this game over the years. These have been popular in the traditional casinos and can now be found in digital formats at casino portals. The popular variants include French, American, European and others. Many online gambling software companies have also introduced innovative alternatives that are found at select online portals. These usually include certain novelty in the rules and other features while essential outcomes remain the same.

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  • European Roulette

This is one of the most popular variants of this classic table game. From the land-based destinations, this variant can be easily tried at most of the online gambling destinations. The wheel has 37 pockets in total and one is a zero. In this version, the maximum and minimum betting limits can differ but in general house, the edge is low and is about 2.7%. One can place outside, inside and racetrack bets as well as choose from different combinations of chips. Most of the software that runs on the digital domains provides helpful tips like cold or hot numbers as well as statistics of results of previous spins. Popular providers of the digital format of this version include Betsoft, Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming. Each software provider has some variants of European roulette to offer.

  • American Roulette

This is the second most popular version of the classic game. It ranks second and comes with a vital difference – that of 38 pockets in total where an additional pocket marked 00. Due to the double zero pocket, the house advantage increases to 5.26%. Rules remain same with exceptions such as a five number bet that can cover numbers like 00, 1, 2, 0 and 3. The payout here is 6 to 1 and the house edge increases to 7.9%. NetEnt offers a version of American roulette where players can place racetrack bets on certain portions of the wheel.

  • French Roulette

This is a version that resembles the European variant closely. It comes with a standard wheel with a single zero. French names of bets are part of the table layout. For instance, odd or even bets are called Impair or pair while bets on first, second, third dozens come with markings like P12, M12, and D12 respectively on the wheel layout. There are certain unique bets as well such as Tiers du Zero or Orphelins which are racetrack bet versions here. La Partage rule is also an important variant here. It becomes applicable when one is playing real-time against dealers in live sessions. As per this rule, one can get back half of their stakes on even money bets if zero comes on. This also reduces the house advantage to a mere 1.35%.


Differences between American and European Versions

As the names indicate, American casinos usually have the American version made popular while European roulette is more popular amidst European countries and such casino portals. The tangible difference between these two versions is single and double zero, the latter being additionally present in the American version. Both wheels have numbers from 1 to 36. As a thumb rule, the house edge is lower in American roulette than in European roulette. Also, if the game rules are seen, by the addition of a double zero there is no major impact but it is simply an extra number that one can bet on; it also adds to the house edge since probability changes come on. Hence, European roulette is more favorable towards players.

Available bets are also similar but a single bet on double zero is one that is not present in the European version. Five numbers bet covering double zero, zero, one to three is also unique to the US version. In contrast, the European version has additional bets like a racetrack or called bets which are applicable to certain numbers or parts of the wheel. Also, here one can ask the dealer to place bets on your behalf with your chips but in American roulette, the dealer is not allowed to place bets on behalf of the player. These rules are, however, applicable more in the live versions.

Comparing European and French Roulette

Both these games are almost similar. They do not have double zero in the wheel and bets available are the same. There is a slight difference in how the betting board is laid out though it does not change gameplay rules. French version does have a few extra rules such as La Partage and en prison. The rules remain optional and not all portals have these. In La Partage, if a player has made bets on even money such as odd or even, red or black and zero comes on, half stake is given back. The “en prison” principle states that, in the above situation, bets are left on the table and one can opt for the next spin with the same bet. If the bet is successful for the following round then the player will get back full stake but not the wins; they lose all if the round is lost.

  • Roulette Royale

This variation is a popular one among online variants. It has been made popular by Microgaming in many digital platforms. The European wheel with 37 slots is used; the game has a large progressive jackpot feature attached and hence, players need to place a side bet, even if small, to add to the pot when they play. If the same number is found five times consecutively, then the jackpot is won. The prize is set to millions and hence it is no mean feat. If the number spun four, three or two times even, winning bets are 3000 to 1, 200 to 1 and 15 to 1.

  • 3D Roulette

This is a version made popular by Playtech. The wheel takes on 3D bespoke looks and rules that apply here are the European version rules. The wheel contains a single zero. Visual depths are amazing here with sound effects that are ambient, making the game authentic. There are special features incorporated as well. For instance, Breakdown functionality displays the amount when players win after every ball spin. Other features are Repeat Bet and Game History; numbers in previous spins are shown on a board of Past Numbers placed below the wheel. It is located in the screen’s center and table layout is above it. Exotic bets are on the left and players can adjust the wheel and make changes to its visual appearance. For instance, wheel lines can be changed, shading of numbers, details on turret arms.

  • Marvel Roulette

Playtech uses the popular comic series of Marvel to feature characters like Spiderman, Thor, and Wolverine on the wheel. In this interesting version, there is a blue pocket additionally placed between 0 and 32. The blue betting pocket offers Marvel Bonus. When the ball lands in it in a spin, players who have bet on the same are given a bonus slot to play at where here are Marvel progressive jackpots to be won. The payout depends on one of four prizes but bonus round guarantees a win.

Other Roulette Variants

  • Mini Roulette

This version has been introduced for the different online platforms and made popular by software developers Net Entertainment and Playtech. As per the name, the wheel is a miniature; with only 13 slots, 6 of black and red each and a zero, the payouts are scaled-down similarly. For instance, if you have placed a straight-up bet it would give an 11:1 payout instead of 35:1. This version makes the game fast-paced and one can see medium wins and play more rounds in a given time span.

  • Live Roulette

In the beginning, the digital platforms had digital formats of this. This brought on queries as to the fairness of the game as many feared and the wheel rotations were programmed to be in a certain way rather than provide random outcomes. Nowadays all softwares need to adhere by the RNG principle; however, with the start of live games the casino portals were able to satisfy these concerns of customers. The live versions have a real wheel on a table with a croupier who runs the sessions live via webcam connection. Players are able to see the game rounds from beginning to end and see a live wheel being spun after all bets are placed. There are chat rooms kept open for conversations between the dealer and players; detailed rules section and FAQs on how the sessions are conducted.

  • Multi Wheel Roulette

This is another interesting variant introduced in many online platforms. The multi-wheel version was originally launched by Betfair, Here there are six wheels, as in the Betfair version; in other versions, there is one wheel that comes with two number tracks additionally; there can be other multi-wheel variants as well. If you are playing the Betfair version, you place bets on all six wheels together and you can vary the bets for each wheel. However, most gamblers find that it is not an easy way to manage bets or use strategies as in other traditional formats. However, it is an interesting format and warrants a try at least.

  • Triple Bonus Spin

This version is made popular by IGT; it is found in portals such as Mr. Green where IGT software is popular. An interesting variation in bets is the double bonus spin here. There is an additional slot for bonus and if the ball lands here and one has bet on it, the bet is held free for the next three spins; the player can choose to keep their wins accordingly. In many places Triple Bonus Spin includes a triple zero slot; odds are reduced for conventional bets like red or black and house edge increases.

  • Pinball Roulette

This is a version that brings in pachinko or pinball into the classic game. Bets are placed in the usual manner but the wheel has strips of numbers that move across the bottom having a pinball setup. The ball will bounce off bouncers and pins and lands in a slot or number eventually. Players who win are taken to a bonus game where there are chances of more wins.



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